Cutting the engraving machine to decorate the fake watches

When it comes to replica Vacheron Constantin's historical engraving appearance is a long history. In the early 1755, in front of the masters of Constantine craftsmanship, it was a complicated process to add a variety of artistic techniques to add the beauty of timepieces and hand-made sculptures. The sculptor is not only skilled and patient, because in terms of risk, the process is only because of the loose and sloppy enameled wire that has always been a superior replica watches technique for the manufacture of extremely rozki- tional clocks.

Although the process was extremely complicated, there was a reason for the verse in Denton, whose founder Jean-Marc had made the first replica Vacheron Constantin watches pocket fake watch installation process in 1755. Of course, this is only the beginning, because it Shidanton River began to practice more refined mechanical parts dedication carving. In 1924, Constantine destroyed the production of a replica rolex general-looking movement, and at the same time placed it on the pocket fake watches by the altar, the world was seen as the beginning of the engraved appearance of the clock, and this year on the 90th anniversary of the arrival of the clock and the clock Engraved look.

In the process of determining good and kind work, it will be engraved, because this process is very time consuming and engraving, not only requires extremely precise technology to continue this arduous task, but also superior quality and super patient carving. Dozens of drilling and cutting base plates, plywood, box springs and other mechanical parts of all parts, as long as the hour as a fake rolex sharp on the wire a little more will be in the 1003 movement replica Vacheron Constantin watches, precious metal mother immediately especially scrapped Ali, due to its relatively mild hardness, So it is harder to cut.

After cutting the engraving machine hand to decorate each part, some places need to go with chamfering, polishing, machining, and other worn, boring, polished matte textures to disturb the polished parts, thus showing the two types between The contrast of the effect of beauty. Especially in the treatment of some holes and curved interiors, or even angles of less than 45��, the method is more complicated and complicated without any machine. Each part, after the baptism of their baptism and the beginning of the hand-polished carving can also be said that replica watches everyone is dressed in their usual case, the simple tool of engraving, the movement is a nuanced wood carving piece used in the carving of a week, Each knife must be very precise, even a little closer to 10 mm should not only make the gift design engraving fruit and embossed effects and pleasing to the eye, engraving requires even more acute understanding of several individual sacrifices of toast and soul, sometimes necessary to apply to different forms The molded pattern in the table.