Water supply of wrist replica watches-fake rolex

method 1

After hours, such as wet water, you can use several layers of toilet paper or easily absorb the moisture bag flaneleta close to, in a 40 watt bulb about 15 cm, bake for about 30 minutes, the water vapor in the table can be wet. Do not bake the fake watches directly on the fake rolex near the fire to avoid thermal deformation.

Method 2,

On the inner and outer casing surfaces, the rear portion of the wrist is wear-resistant and two hours after the evaporation of water vapor. If the water is severe, it is best to send the replica watches varnish immediately and then remove moisture from the core to prevent rusting parts.

Method 3,

The silica particles are placed in a closed container with a water fake wathces in a few hours, the watch is removed and the water is completely gone. Simply saving this method does not reduce the accuracy and longevity of the workbench. The silica gel is repeatedly absorbed and can be dried for several hours in 120 hours. The water absorption capacity can be fake rolex watches regenerated and can be reused.