The process of diamond cutting diamond replica watches

Cut core

Heart-shaped diamonds originated in ancient India, but the core is less used in replica rolex and more often used in wedding rings. Since the heart itself is a symbol of romance, its proportion is only to make the diamond shine.

Long cut

The long staircase originates from the Italian "bacchetta" meaning "stick or stick". The number of faces is about 20. The long stairs are a special rectangle. Most rectangles are carved into "steps", which means that the grid is carved into steps, the table is parallel to the edge, and the pyramid shape is shown from above. The bottom and square meshes have triangular faces.

Horse eye cutting

Pink eyes, cut horses, also known as olive diamonds, a boat-shaped drill bit, the most outstanding diamond color. The shape of the eye diamond-cut glasses increases the weight of the carat and makes it larger. The classic horse diamond has 56 valves cut, the edges are fake watches long and sharp, and the standard length ratio is 2 to 1, which is twice the width.

Square hollow

Square cuts, also known as emerald cuts, come from emerald structures. Cut into a rectangular staircase, the height is less than other forms, the cutting is difficult, but it can reflect the flash of the gem. Because the lines are fake rolex stronger, it is more suitable for men's decoration.