Different replica watches have different style orientations

Different replica watches have different style orientations and different feelings. The process of diamond engraving is usually used for the case, bezel and strap, while the dial is used for the dial or scale, and the cutting methods used for different parts of the clock are usually different. As one of the details of the decoration, the cutting method has different effects. Round cut diamonds have always been replica omega watches a popular traditional style, and fashion replica watches will be styled with cut pillows. If it's a pair, the heart's cut will make you feel more romantic. If you are eager for noble temperament, the carved echelon is a very good supplement; there are also young people who like to show their personality, and the diamond face cut with the horse's eye should be more suitable for everyone's taste. People who advocate simplicity can see more square cuts.

The so-called occipital cutting refers to the shape of a diamond in the form of a pillow, which is a pillow-shaped rectangle with a rounded edge. The shape of the pillow-shaped cutter has been popular in jewelry making in recent fake Rolex years, and the diamond-cut content after cutting is stronger.

Circular cuts are widely used in diamond engraved replica rolex watches that can display more light. Research practice has shown that the circular diamond with the reflectance value of the 57 storage area is the largest, capable of displaying the diamond, with the principle of cutting the maximum limit of the brightest light in the most reflective mode.